Founded and established in 1996

Craig Johnson

Rev. James E. Nash

About "The Collaborative"

2 Grassroots Nonprofit Organizations
30+ Years of Service Collectively

Donald Flenoy

Peoples United Summit

P.O. Box 23332, Houston, ​TX 77228

Andre Mathews

Collaboration and consolidation of resources to expand programs/services that will have a positive impact on the lives of the people in both communities.




Quinncy McNeal, JD

Celina Reed

Sheila Pope, Ph.D

Anthony Shepard, JD

Alicia Buchanan, LMSW

Northeast and Sunnyside Houston, TX
Community Outreach Collaborative

Peoples United Summit & Sunnyside Place CDC formed a Community Outreach Collaborative in 2014. Both organizations have their own 501 (c) 3 status and continue to operate separately. However, they join forces often to coordinate, network and enhance each other's capacity to achieve mutual goals and objectives as defined in the mission and vision statements below.

We take a holistic approach to provide services to families in the Northeast and Sunnyside communities of Houston, Texas.

Ruth Watson, Ph.D

Charlie Jones

Rafel Coyle

Jill Scott